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Drains and sewers

ECOGEC performs all the drain and sewer work required in civil-engineering projects, including drainage systems, French drains, rainwater systems and cisterns, overflow arrangements, separator installations and manhole rehabilitation works.


As one of Luxembourg's largest building contractors, ECOGEC installs large quantities of reinforced-concrete and PVC pipes, cable ducts, fibre-optics cables and much more.


ECOGEC is the specialist for fabrication and installation of waste-water conduits and ducts for drain and sewer systems. Our services also include the installation of sewer laterals to assure reliable disposal of waste-water from residential and commercial sites.


The installation of drain/sewer systems in conventional materials, such as reinforced concrete, vitrified clay and plastics, is part of our everyday work. Here, pipes of all sizes are being installed on a building site using the appropriate machinery and elements.


Thanks to their many years of drain and sewer engineering experience, our employees install all sewer conduits professionally and in accordance with the latest codes and standards. Here too ECOGEC is able, thanks to its extensive range of services, to provide customers with all-in solutions, extending from excavation up to the final back-filling and sealing of the trenches.


A site made-to-measure: straight-cut asphalt edges, neat excavation work and a sand bed waiting for the new pipes ...

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