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We don't just do "big" - we're also very good at "small"! Areas of work in the private sector are highly diverse and range from the paving of garage entrances, courtyards and small paths via the construction of stone stairways up to the renovation of walls, building plinths and old stone walls.




Site-retaining systems, dividing walls from the neighbouring site, plinths and smaller walls dividing off the pavement aesthetically frame your site and your property. There is an unlimited range of colours and shapes that can be used.




Contact us for the stairway of your dreams. Highly individual flights of stairs are one of our specialities. Cast stairways, finished and clad to your wishes, are durable, robust and thus a joy for generations.




Building plinths are generally exposed to severe effects of wind and weather. Their durability is difficult to maintain, even using special plinth paint. A stone facing will help you in preserving the value of your property, boosting its visual impact and in saving repair costs in the longer term.




ECOGEC will pave house entrances, courtyards and vehicle entrances in natural hewn stone or in modern stone slabs to suit your aesthetic taste and your desired effect. Larger areas are skilfully created in aesthetic blends of materials.




Cleanly executed excavation using ECOGEC's tried and tested earthmoving machines, excavators and bulldozers provides a solid base for the paving system.


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